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Treatments for Men in Hampshire

Modern men are more concerned about being well turned out and that’s where we can help you. Our mens treatments are specifically designed to suit the varied lifestyle of men from skin to waxing, nails and tanning.

We have a variety of massage treatment choices in Relaxation and Pampering and all of these are available to men as well as women. Each treatment combines all of your therapists knowledge and experience to give you a relaxing and beneficial massage to treat your back and its areas of tension or target specific problem areas with heat like Hot Stones and Poultice Powered massage.

Do you have concerns about your skin such as breakouts or redness?

Do you stand in a shop wondering what are the right products to help your skin?

We have the answer, book a skin consultation with one of our highly qualified skincare experts. They will discuss your concerns and assess your skin to provide you with clear advice about how to care for your skin. 

Together you will identify the right treatments to address your concerns from facials through to our aesthetic treatments such as peels and microneedling. 

You will also know what is the best home care regime to care for your skin and will receive expert recommendations for high grade result driven products. So no more wasting money on products that don’t work or are just about a brand or fancy packaging. 

You can choose whether to have your consultation in person at TIME to be ME or you can choose an online consultation which ever you find more convenient.

Sarah was incredibly knowledgeable and passionate about her profession and the service quality was reflective of that! Highly recommend it to anyone that wants to improve their skin.

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