Hair Treatments

Area of concern: Excess Hair and Hair Loss 

We offer hair treatments for excess hair, whether it is on the face or body we use our IPL machine to give well documented long lasting results and the fastest method of hair removal. We also offer electrolysis as an alternative for those smaller areas of hair growth as well as a suitable alternative for hair that is not treatable with IPL. If it is hair loss that worries you then we have our fantastic Microneedling with Mpen that can help regenerate the health of hair folicles.

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We are all unique and individual, this means that treatment plans, the results, down time (healing time) and recovery following treatment will always vary from person to person. All of the information that we provide is based on the extensive experience our trusted brand partners and our Skin Specialists have gained from treating a wide variety of people and is based on an average treatment experience. Results and outcomes ultimately cannot be guaranteed however, we always do our best to ensure you will gain the best result possible. You don’t have to take our word for it, see our client reviews who have voted for us to ensure that we have achieved a status of being in the top 5% of salons world wide for our excellent customer service, achieving Gold Status for the last 5 years. If our clients are ever in any doubt we will always take the time to treat you as an individual and answer any concerns that you have, for this reason we have regular reviews to ensure that you are on the best path for you.