Laser Hair Removal & Skin Treatments

Skin & Aesthetics Treatments

Laser Hair Removal & Skin Treatments

We are often asked about the term Aesthetics – “What does Aesthetics mean to you?”

 Skin & Aesthetics Treatments Essentially, they go beyond the superficial to treat the condition of the underlying skin to repair, restore and rejuvenate your skin from the outside in and the inside out. Focusing on advanced skin treatments and dermal skin therapies including micro-needling, peels, Laser for hair removal and skin rejuvenation, microcurrent and LED treatments, plus combining essential supplementation using concentrated, high quality ingredients like Advanced Nutrition Program, to maximise the results of your topical skin treatments..

At TIME to be ME, our knowledgeable and ethical therapists will base their recommendations on what the products or treatments can do for you, how well the active ingredients work, and advise you as to how to use them correctly by helping you understand what type of skin you really have and with this information, their recommendations are bespoken specifically for you, not on how a brand is marketed, as the most important factor in your skincare routine is – you guessed it – you! We will offer you industry leading advice and expert treatments on a wide range of skin concerns. 

This means giving you healthy, beautiful skin and ensuring that your complexion is the best it can possibly be. To maximise our professional treatments and enhance their results, our pre and post-treatment home care products provide the finest care available. Preparing and conditioning the skin before any aesthetic treatment is a vital part of our process, we will walk you through this when we meet for consultation. Our aim is sustainable, long term skin health, with minimum downtime and side effects to give you the results that you are looking for.

TIME to be ME Consultations

Skin Consultations

We offer a full skin consultation to guide you on the best course of action taking the guess work out, our Skin Specialists develop a treatment plan bespoke to you.

The introduction of our Skin Scanner now means that we can chart your results, ensuring that you are working with us to see the dramatic changes in your skin issues up close.

What are your main areas of concern?

Skin & Aesthetics Treatment Plans

When you are treating a skin condition that has taken years to build, it can lead to a course of treatments to show you the impact that you are looking for.

We know that this can be an investment in both treatment time and homecare, as the two work hand in hand to give you the results that you are looking for!

To make this investment in results more accessible to everyone, we have teamed up with Go Cardless to offer payment plans. It allows us to create affordable and flexible recurring payment plans and takes minutes to set up.

Flexible Payment Plans

Real results is an investment of your time and money but cheaper than going under the knife.

We tailor make that plan for you based on the outcome that you are looking for, we have even introduced an easy payment plan system with Go Cardless to give you options to make results more affordable.

TIME to be ME first launched the Elemis BIOTEC machine, adding that to our CACI offering, then on to bringing in AlumierMD, Mesoestetic, Microneedling and most recently Advanced Nutrition so that we are working from the inside out. 

Our goal is to enhance skin health and appearance using the most effective synergy of these treatments and modalities.

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