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T-Shock Treatments

“T Shock is the perfect treatment if you have an event coming up or are looking to feel lean and eliminate excess fluid that you’re holding onto. This body wrap is also perfect to enhance the results from your T Shape treatments with us and can be combined as part of a course or as a stand alone treatment. 

Your body is cocooned in a combination of 31 herbs essential oils and nutrient rich salts, you are then wrapped in warm cloths, it is a relaxing treatment that is designed to condition the skin, draw out toxins and shed excess fluid while leaving your skin soft and supple. This treatment is used to aid weight loss and improve cellulite as part of a programme. 

The wrap activates the processes of natural cleansing of the body, it improves metabolism, normalises water and salt, it also improves the general well being in various body systems. The appearance of cellulite is improved and there is an inch loss with every treatment, you can be measured before and after the treatment although results are usually visible. “

Benefits of T Shock

What areas can be treated with T-Shock?

Whole body wrapped from neck to ankles.

How many treatments are required?

You will see results after just 1 treatment but it is recommended by combining a course with Our T Shape programme in which case the wrap will be combined as recommended by your specialist. If the wrap is going to be used as a stand alone treatments it is recommended to have four to eight treatments one to two times per week one per month as maintenance.

What will I expect during my treatment?

Pain free treatment to work on whole body detoxification. Can be used as a stand alone treatment or it will be used to enhance results from your T Shape treatments.
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Flexible Payment Plans

Real results is an investment of your time and money but cheaper than going under the knife.

We tailor make that plan for you based on the outcome that you are looking for, we have even introduced an easy payment plan system with Go Cardless to give you options to make results more affordable.
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Treatment Plans

When you are treating a skin condition that has taken years to build, it can lead to a course of treatments to show you the impact that you are looking for.

We know that this can be an investment in both treatment time and homecare, as the two work hand in hand to give you the results that you are looking for!

To make this investment in results more accessible to everyone, we have teamed up with Go Cardless to offer payment plans. It allows us to create affordable and flexible recurring payment plans and takes minutes to set up.
T-Shock Treatments
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