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Mesoestetic Treatments

Mesoestetic make a range of advanced pharmaceutical chemical peels designed for dermo – cosmetic professionals. 

Many people are concerned when they hear of the terms chemical peel or acids however these procedures are extremely beneficial to improving the efficient functioning of the skin. It allows professionals to select the most suitable peel and it’s concentration to individually fine tune each client’sclients results. Mesoestetic provides a highly efficient treatment for skin ageing, acne and pigmentation, as well as enhancing other aesthetic procedures.

Skin Prep for a Peel?

No retinol for 7 days prior to treatment.

Certain conditions and medications preclood treatments whcih would be discussed at consultation.

Post Procedure Care & Down Time

Peels respond differently on various skins and conditions and there would be redness or flaking peeling for up to 5 days on some skins.

Post procedure kit will be recommended for up to 7 days following and maintenance advice given.

Results I can Expect?

Results can be seen immediately but will be acculamatively.

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Flexible Payment Plans

Real results is an investment of your time and money but cheaper than going under the knife.

We tailor make that plan for you based on the outcome that you are looking for, we have even introduced an easy payment plan system with Go Cardless to give you options to make results more affordable.
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Treatment Plans

When you are treating a skin condition that has taken years to build, it can lead to a course of treatments to show you the impact that you are looking for.

We know that this can be an investment in both treatment time and homecare, as the two work hand in hand to give you the results that you are looking for!

To make this investment in results more accessible to everyone, we have teamed up with Go Cardless to offer payment plans. It allows us to create affordable and flexible recurring payment plans and takes minutes to set up.
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