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Elemis BIOTEC Treatments

ELEMIS is a British brand using powerful marine and plant based actives for over 30 years. 

ELEMIS create next generation skin care based on an ever-changing lifestyle, using science to achieve results from nature all whilst providing that luxurious feeling and sensory experience. Our trained ELEMIS therapists focus on making your treatment a unique experience. They will personalise your treatment and provide expert skincare advice and recommendations for ongoing home care products.

Skin Preperation

Maintain good skincare, you could use Ultimate Boost serum.

Post Procedure Care & Down Time

Maintenance advice will be given based on the individual.

Treatments are recommended as part of a course and certain treatments must be given as part of a course of 10.

Results I can Expect?

You usually see a difference in the skin after just one facial, but to see the maximum result they will be performed as part of a course as recommended by your skin specialist.

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