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Lycon is the professionals choice of the highest quality waxing system. Administered by Lycon trained and experienced therapists. Pain free – Never pulls or tears delicate skin as there is an oil barrier between wax and skin. 

Waxing is a method of removing unwanted hair from the root. The benefits  are that new hairs will not grow back for up to 2-8 weeks and any new growth is softer and finer. With regular use hair regrowth is less frequent. (See next tab for clock icons)

A guide to waxing
Waxing Beauty Treatments


2 - 8 weeks, with regular treatments hair growth is less frequent.


Maintenance at home is key. Ingrown Hairs Skin preparation, Skin soothing, Skin Protection

Sun Protection

Always apply sunscreen to sensitive areas after treatment to avoid post inflammatory hyper pigmentation


Sticking to a regular schedule will ensure new growth is softer and finer.

Sensitivity Period

24 hours
Cerys Senior Therapist TIME to be ME
Cerys' Top Tips

Using any of the lycon cosmetics between your waxing appointment’s ensures best results! It is great to exfoliate 2/3 times per week to help remove a build up of dead skin cells allowing the hair to come through easily. Using the Ingrown X-IT foaming gel is great for the above, as well as calming and decongesting breakouts for the entire body and face. Followed by one of their moisturisers that contains your favourite aroma completes your body care! Skin feels smoothed, hydrated and softened. Perfect!

TIME to be ME Facial Waxing treatments include:

TIME to be ME Upper-Body Waxing treatments include:

TIME to be ME Lower-Body Waxing treatments include:

Waxing Beauty Treatments

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