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TIME to be ME Beauty and Aesthetics: Champion of Sustainability in the Beauty Industry

In 2022, TIME to be ME Beauty and Aesthetics Salon in Petersfield not only elevated its standing as a premier Beauty & Aesthetics salon in Hampshire but also emerged as a sustainability champion.

The salon’s strategic move to embrace Scrummi towels, a vegan and plant based single use beauty towel, not only transformed their environmental impact but also helped the planet from the laundry burden, leading to remarkable savings.

Leading the Charge Towards Eco-Conscious Beauty Practices

By incorporating Scrummi towels into their practices, TIME to be ME acknowledged the environmental consequences associated with traditional beauty and spa towel manufactures. In doing so, it led to some remarkable financial and personal results for the premier Beauty & Aesthetics salon in Hampshire.

  • 8080 Energy Saved in KWH: The decision to switch to Scrummi towels translated into a remarkable 8080 kilowatt-hours of energy saved. This reduction in energy consumption showcases TIME to be ME’s dedication to a sustainable future.
  • CO2 Offset 2763.36: TIME to be ME’s commitment to environmental responsibility extended beyond energy savings. By choosing Scrummi towels, the salon successfully offset 2763.36 units of carbon dioxide, making a tangible impact on reducing their carbon footprint.
  • Money Saved £12,120.00: Sustainability not only benefits the planet but also the bottom line. TIME to be ME’s switch to Scrummi towels resulted in a substantial monetary saving of £12,120.00, proving that eco-friendly practices can be economically sound.
  • Staff Time Saved in HRS 484.8: Beyond financial savings, the adoption of Scrummi towels also translated into efficiency gains. The staff at TIME to be ME saved an impressive 484.8 hours by eliminating the need for extensive laundry processes, allowing them to focus more on delivering exceptional beauty and aesthetics services.

Scrummi Towels Recognises TIME to be ME’s Sustainability Personality

In recognition of their outstanding commitment to sustainability, TIME to be ME’s sustainability initiatives have not gone unnoticed. Scrummi Towels, the innovative force behind the plant-based, biodegradable towels, has awarded TIME to be ME’s sustainability persona the title of “Anti-Waste Hero.”

This accolade not only recognises the salon’s dedication to reducing waste but also positions TIME to be ME as a role model for other establishments in the beauty and aesthetics industry.

A Continued Call to Sustainable Action

The numbers speak for themselves – the energy, money, and time saved, coupled with the CO2 offset, demonstrate that making eco-friendly choices is not just an ethical decision but a practical and impactful one.

The salon’s recognition as a “Sustainable Legend” and the acknowledgment from Scrummi Towels as an “Anti-Waste Hero” underscores the importance of collective efforts to create a more sustainable future.

Indulge in eco-friendly beauty and aesthetics treatments in a friendly and relaxing salon in Hampshire. Join us in making a positive impact on yourself and the planet. To book Call us at 01730 260260 or email us at [email protected]

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