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Client Feature: Susan McLeod

Today we are going to bring you an interview with one of our long-term clients, Susan McLeod. She first arrived at TIME to be ME with compromised and sensitive skin, and over the past three years, our team have been working with her to restore, resurface, tighten, and develop a healthier facial image.  

Development Manager at TIME to be ME, Sam Humby, recently sat down with Susan to discuss her skin journey and provide you with some insight into the client experience here at TIME to be ME. 

We have provided some highlights from the interview below, but you can watch the full extended interview with Susan on our Youtube channel

What Brought You to TIME to be ME? 

Susan: I was heading into my forties and noticing the effects of ageing, such as drooping skin. I sought professional help because I have very sensitive skin and sometimes had pretty bad reactions to gels and other topical treatments. 

In the middle of summer, particularly with the heat and looking after my child, my skin often went very red, very sore, and flaky. It was just getting really uncomfortable, and I know people typically buy moisturiser, but I also was having to invest in all sorts of products that would help calm my skin down. 

You’ve Had Various Treatments with TIME to be ME, including Chemical Peels, CACI, and Microneedling. Could You Tell Us a Little Bit More About How They Feel?

Susan: Gosh, yes, well, there’s a lot of ground to cover here! I would say the crucial thing is that we started off slowly because of my skin’s sensitivity. It was still recovering from all the general damage, so we just began the process by trialing one chemical peel treatment first to see if I could tolerate the sensation. 

Then once I got comfortable, we would build on that over and over again. It’s been a three-year journey. We didn’t start with “mega” peels. We just gradually built up as my skin quality improved over the months and years of treatments. I can now easily undergo a four-layer peel treatment, which we certainly couldn’t have done three years ago. 

There’s still a tingle, but I would rate it at about four out of ten, as opposed to seven to nine out of ten when I first started. If you have never experienced chemical peels before, I would recommend that you try it on the back of your hand or somewhere manageable to gauge how your skin will react.  

Moving on to CACI treatments, peels were about resurfacing and cleaning up my skin, but CACI is more about toning up facial muscle structures such as the cheeks and the forehead. In other words, for me, it was about putting things back where they should be if that makes sense? 

It’s also one of the treatments we did early on as it’s the least invasive and a very mild treatment that works the muscles and brings results without having to do anything advanced. 

Another treatment I was keen to try, and one I know a lot of you will want to learn more about, was microneedling. Similar to CACI, microneedling treatments helped to eradicate the dry fine lines that had built up around my eyes and cheeks. It’s also worked wonders for my neck.

Once again, as with the peels, we started light and worked our way up over time. I would say if you have great skin to begin with, you’ll notice the results even more. I remember phoning Karen, owner of TIME to be ME the next day to tell her about how much I could see the difference. 

Overall, the combination I’ve got is the peels are making my skin bright and fresh while preventing clogged pores. By contrast, the CACI is about keeping all of the muscle substructures in the right place, while the microneedling keeps my skin nice and tight. 

And Finally, What’s The Best Thing You See Now When You Look in the Mirror That You didn’t See Before? 

Susan: Number one, without a doubt, is healthy skin. If you go back to my early photos when I first started the treatments, you can see just how dramatic the change has been over the last three years. 

Now, for me, the treatments are about maintaining that healthy skin I’ve now managed to develop and thankfully, the TIME to be ME team are doing a wonderful job. 

Contact TIME to be ME for Your Personal Consultation Today

If you’re like Susan and want to regain control over your skin, why not book in a personal consultation with one of our skin clinicians today? 

Our full skin consultation guides you on the best course of action, taking the guesswork out of finding which treatment is right for you. Our skin specialists then develop a treatment plan bespoke to your skin’s needs, and our skin scanner allows you to chart your results as your treatment progresses. 

Alternatively, you can always give us a call on 01730 260 260 if you have any questions, and a member of our expert skin team will be on hand to answer them for you. 

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